Sunday, June 1, 2014

Beauty: Rimmel

A while ago I promised a review for some of the Rimmel products I use on a daily basis, so here it is. I just got the new Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer and will show it very soon as well.

Fix and Perfect Primer
As you can see on the bottle the product claims to have smoothing, resurfacing, brightening, mattifying and protecting effect. It has a creamy formula, blends nicely on the skin and sinks in quickly, so you can proceed with your daily make-up routine straight away. I apply this primer mainly on my dry zones because it has a nice hydrating effect and smooths my skins before applying a foundation so that I don’t have dry patches. Also, it makes applying foundation or concealer a lot easier. When applied I don’t see a drastic change on my face – it doesn’t mattify or brighten my combination skin. But the primer works well as a base under powder or foundation and helps them last longer. Overall, this is a nice base to use before your daily make-up and leaves your skins soft and moisturised, but don’t expect too much of it.


 Stay MATTE Foundation
I bought this foundation after reading a lot of positive reviews. It was my first ever Rimmel product and at first I liked it very much. But after using it for a while it started getting too dry for my skin. Now I use it only as a concealer and rarely on my whole face. The foundation has a thick mousse texture. I apply it with my fingers or the Beauty Blender dupe. It provides medium coverage without feeling heavy on the skin. It blends nicely if I have applied a primer. If not it gets too dry and harder to blend. I think it would work better for oily skin as it has a nice matte effect and when set with powder it can last very long. 

Stay Blushed Liquid Cheek Tint

Stay Blushed is a liquid cheek tint or in other words the liquid blush that will become your favourite one for sure. Before I buy it I have tried regular powder blush, but never really used one. The Rimmel blush is easy to apply even for an amateur like me. The plastic tube is small and compact and holds 14ml product. You only need a small amount, so it will last for a long time. Also, the tube makes it easy to control the amount of product when squeezing. I use my fingers to apply and blend with the Beauty Blender dupe if needed, but I guess you can use a make-up sponge as well. It has a mousse formula and is highly pigmented, but once applied it looks very natural. If you are careful and use a small amount there is no chance to look like a clown. Believe me I had my doubts and insecurities about this! It lasts 8+ hours on my combination skin (with or without setting it with powder).
When I bought it there were only two colors available, but I can see now that there is a variety of 5 shades. Mine is 004 Sunkissed Cherry which is a very nice warm color. You can buy it from most drogeries and Beauty shops as well as online.
Overall, I love this blush so much, because it gives a natural glowing effect and is so easy to use. I would definitely recommend you to give it a try.

60 Seconds Nail Polish
(left to right) 'aye, aye sailor', 'man over board','round and round the garden'
I am very impatient person sometimes especially when it comes to applying nail polish. I somehow always end up ruining it before it dries well enough. So every fast drying nail polish is more than welcome in my collection. Since I like Rimmel Cosmetics a lot I have decided to try their nail polishes as well. They have a variety of colors from brights to pastels to dark tones. The brush is wide and makes the whole application process easy. The nail polish dries very fast as promised and can be used before you go out without ruining your clothes or manicure. One coat is enough, though I prefer to apply two for better coverage. ‘Aye Aye Sailor’ and ’Man over board’ have a bit thicker formula than the green one. The only negative thing I see is that they don’t last too long. On the second day they start peeling off, but I use only base coat and no top coat. And almost no nail polish can stay longer on my nails because of work and university crafts.

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  1. Wow they look so good! I realy like the primer!!
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