Saturday, May 24, 2014

Travel Diaries: Selfie Time

I don't use instagram and I am definitely not into the oh-so-popular selfie trend even the so called 'art' selfies people are trying to push so hard recently. So I guess this post is my tribute (probably my one and only) to the selfie (or should I spell it Célfie) trend. While being in Vienna me and my dear Amra had fun taking tons of selfies as silly as that might be. Today going through the photos and memories from my trip I had a sudden urge to post them.
Plus you can never beat a 'royal' selfie at a palace! The mirrored photos are taken in the Albertina Museum where I spent a few hours diving into a few centuries of art from Monet to Picasso.

'Prater' selfies after we tried (and didn't die) this 117 high tower.
Famous Viennese Giant Wheel and trying traditional food.


  1. Аз пък го мразя този Инстаграм. Супер безсмислен ми се вижда, но го направих заради блогито.
    Много си красива, и каква хубава екскурзия си си направила, завиждам! :D

  2. love the 2nd pictures :D


  3. Много хубави селфита! ;)))

  4. Fab styling! love your pics!



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